LibList #1: How to Build a Website

April 12, 2016



1. SECURE DOMAIN NAME. This is the first and most important step to ensure you get your first choice of a dope website name. You don't want another millennial taking ownership of your idea! I secured the {classic} years ago on a cheap hosting site I found on Bing. Point being: Secure now & code later. When you're ready to go online transfer your *copyrighted* name from its cheap hosting site to an user-friendly host like Wix or Squarespace. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE YOUR "NAME" BRAND, friends. Charge today. Publish tomorrow (or six months from now; that's the beauty of this step). 


2. CREATE CONTENT. This is the "fun" part. (I write with quotations because I'm a journalist, not a sarcastic). GRAB A CAMERA, A FRIEND, AND GO DO SOMETHING. Photos, Videos, Words, Lists, Lines, Parodies. Add your LinkedIn, AboutMe, Pinterest, Tumblr. Upload to SoundCloud, Insta, Vimeo, Vine, connect your favorite playlist on Spotify--Anything to highlight your personality (at your digression). The fact that you linked two pages in space says you aren't lazy and you aren't afraid to show the world WHO YOU ARE.


3. ORGANIZE CONTENT.This is the HARD part. I cannot tell you how much work I've lost over the years by not archiving it immediately. Whether it's a school project and an impromptu street interview, SAVE EVERYTHING. Be specific. Because once you build content, then you need to upload it, edit it, save it, code it, edit it, save it again...then you get insecure about the whole process. In that case, go back to STEP 2 and create something you're proud of. Label it. Save it again.


4. EXPLORE EFFECTS. This is your chance to play around online and discover your inner Edward Snowden!!! (JK, NSA...). With the click of a gif and swipe of a mouse, your resume can fly around the screen and transform into a photo gallery or a cat video or a computer virus if you're really talented. Try everything! The more practice you  things around, the more comfortable you'll ultimately be with your profile.  


5. PUBLISH. EDIT. PUBLISH AGAIN. This is your virtual pat on the back! At this point, you've linked your *original* domain name to your hosting site, uploaded and organized your personal content, and added your own bit of "flare" via the magic that is the world wide web. 


PUBLISH WITH PRIDE! You finally produced your personal website.


EDIT WITH EASE! You are confident in your ability to feature content.




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