Long Story Short:



My name is Libby Cathey, and I chase stages and stories.

     From growing up a girl scout in Little Rock, Arkansas, to pursuing entertainment careers in New York City, my common thread lies in my desire to share stories. I am a summa cum laude graduate of New York University , with an individualized degree in journalism, production, and performance.

     Between art galleries in Florence and communities in Accra, I have seized diverse opportunities in my quest to become "culturally literate." I am curious, bright, and driven by an innate desire to connect with human beings, in the present, through story.  


     My skills as a multimedia journalist include thorough knowledge of segment production, content curation, news writing, audio and video editing, and interviewing techniques.

    I have many interests and make discovereis every day; hence, my trademark: Freelance Renaissance Woman.

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